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February 09, 2012


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This is who they are and who they have been the entire time. Basically, the Sabres are now the equivalent of the fratboy who spends all semester doing fuckall and is now cramming to stay in school. Or the teenager who trashes his parents cottage in a huge party and is now trying to desperately clean it up. To change this, you have to change the personnel. I just hope they get rid of the right people. There's no reason to be bitter or angry about this though.

Completely agree with everything you said, AND with Mike's comment above. But Jesus, it's nice to see them win a little. Don't think for a second that I don't still want wholesale changes for this team. I just get tired of writing negative crap all the time. It's nice to have something positive to write about this team for a change. Rose colored glasses? Maybe, but at least they're bifocals so I can still see all the crap that's still wrong.

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