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January 23, 2012


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Mr. Pegula claimed he was primarily a fan; therefore he thinks like us.
Evidence that he does: He fired Larry Quinn within minutes of taking control; he banished "the slug" to hockey hell. He reconciled the French Connection.

My opinion, and my opinion only: after he was embarrassed in front of his Pittsburgh friends, and told the press his daughter Jessie could play better goal than Miller, he has discreetly hired someone outside the organization who has been evaluating everything. That would explain the total lackluster play (they AREN'T this bad), and Lindy Ruff often staring vacantly into space on the bench, and making weird comments about goalies having to steal games.

I'm not doubting that he's a fan, but two of those examples you used don't help the team. If the Sabres would've won the Cup with the slug logo, would you actually give a shit? That's not my point though.

He needs to take action now before he lets Regier destroy this team ever further. The last couple years were simply the tail end of a pretty good run for this team. This season, it all came to a head and they're showing their true colors. You're right, they aren't bad hockey players, but they might be bad for each other.

Changes must be made, and like I said, there isn't a better time than now. A whole week off could do wonders for the front office.

I hope you're right about Pegula having someone else evaluate the situation, it means he realizes something is wrong. But what's the point of having someone on the outside looking in if the inside still has the control?

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