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January 31, 2012


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So, I get your point about Miller being untradable and Leino not. I guess I look at it as Miller might suck this season but this season is an anomaly for him. No, he's never been a Patrick Roy, but when he's playing well he's a top 10 goalie. I really do believe that. There are teams out there that would take a chance on him. Leino, on the other hand, is less proven and, therefore, teams face a bigger risk by taking on his contract. That's my thought process on that.

I told you not to write this post. Thanks for jinxing them.

Wait till my next one

Your title reminds me of a joke my grandfather used to tell.

"My cousin died the other day. He drank a bottle of shellac. It was a horrible end, but a beautiful finish!" I'm going to go out on a limb and say he stole that from Groucho Marx just because it sounds like something he would say.

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