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January 04, 2012


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Ugh-ginla. Dude's almost as old as I am and his cap hit is 7 big ones. No thanks. But my luck that's what Darcy would do. If you're gonna unload 8 mil in order to take on that kind of salary, you can easily get two studs instead of just one.

Dude, Iginla is 34 and he has Drury-like leadership. He's durable, playing no less than 70 games per season since 96, he fucking hits, scores and fights. Ain't no hoe in that motha fucka. He would walk on this team and a noticable change would immediately follow. He's the type of player that will be 40 and still make a difference.

You know the drill. He's durable until he signs with Buffalo and is out for 6 months with back spasms.

Maybe if he were a center I could at least consider a move like this, but not for another winger. Obviously you wouldn't be trading for his position nearly as much as his experience and leadership, but Mark Recchi basically served this purpose for Boston the past couple years at a cool 1 mil a year (his lower production being a very reasonable tradeoff considering he made 6 mil less).

I don't see Iginla taking too much of a pay cut when he signs for the next three/four years, but it would have to be significant for me to think this would be a good move considering the Sabres' cap problems at the moment.

If management showed any sign that they were interested in making significant changes (or even seemed to understand that they need to be made), I'd probably dump Stafford and Hecht for him today if the offer were on the table. But 7 mil is a huge commitment for a guy who's in the twilight of his career when coupled with the fact that ownership/management seems reluctant/unwilling/incapable of making necessary improvements now. As it stands, they'd be paying Iginla as much as Vanek when a Cup isn't even a reality before he retired. Think about what that does to your cap space when you (finally) realize it's time to restructure.

Buffalo's problems extend far beyond their need for leadership on the ice. The only way a move for Iginla is even partially feasible is if it's part of a true overhaul where you wave goodbye to most of the "core." That'll be the day.

At this point, I just want something to happen. Iginla and (especially) Nash aren't the best options. I was just namedropping. I should have included esque after their names when I wrote the post, but whatever. Nash isn't the greatest performer for the money he makes. This team needs a superstar with leadership to come in. Why are we talking about this like it will happen?

It IS going to happen... It IS going to happen... It IS going to happen... (says the Sabres fan, rocking back and forth on the floor.)

hahahaha...That's funny.

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